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Microsoft Servers

We are a Microsoft registered OEM System Builder Shop. What this means is that all our software is legal. We obtain our software from Microsoft authorized resellers. Our Severs are built on the latest hardware.All our servers are custom built, designed specifically for each client. Our severs are as follows;

Windows 2003 Application Server, Windows 2003 WebSever, Windows 2003 Small Business Sever. Windows 2003 Mail Sever. We only use Intel Processors and hardware approved by Intel for the servers. All our components are Intel approved for the server platform. Most importantly, Our servers are built as SERVERS not workstations converted into servers.

Novell:      Application and Data Servers

We provide the latest server operating systems.

Novell is the most reliable network operating system.

There is no need to login when the server restarts after an extended power failure.

The server will heal itself and will be ready for operation within 10 minutes of power resumption


Our Newest Addition

Servers   Open-e

The leader in NAS and iSCSI storage servers

Open-e is our latest addition in storage servers, it is virtually limitless in storage capacity. Only you could determine your ultimate capacity. It is managed over any browser and practically remotely from anywhere in the world. It incorporates its own software based on the latest Linux kernel. Incorporated is virus and failover clustering protection. We build our storage "server" based on your specification and budget. You could practically install it on any of your de-commissioned servers boxes. There is no operating system on any hard drive that would make it prone to system crash. Its operation is hard drive independent. There are also no client licenses to deal with. When you purchase our storage "servers" you never have to purchase any additional licenses. The software upgrades and tech support are free for one year from the purchase date. Tech support is available 24/7 with a specially assigned person to you account. Our staff is authorized to service and support the system by our partner company Open-e. Open-e also maintains tech support department that could be reached 24 hours a day or through email.

We are very proud to become associated and accepted as partners to Open-e organization. Our firm has very close ties with the parent company located in Germany. We committed ourselves to Open-e after extensively testing their systems and capabilities on various hardware and platforms. We found them to be very reliable as a company and their products surpasses anything we had used in the past. Their servers are Windows, Linux, Unix, Windows (any flavor) and Apple compatible and accessible over the Browser of your choice.